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 How do I get my child diagnosed with dyslexia?

At Deborah Byrd Dyslexia, I specialise in assessing young people under the age of 16. I offer two different assessments: a full diagnostic assessment or an early dyslexia screening, depending on age and individual need. To get a diagnosis of dyslexia, a full diagnostic assessment is needed, and is suitable from the age of 8 and upwards. Where there are concerns about younger children, and especially if dyslexia is present in the family, I offer an early screening test.

Full Diagnostic Assessment 

A dyslexia assessment investigates the individual’s cognitive profile and examines how it may be impacting their attainment.

​The cognitive profile comprises tests of:

  • Underlying ability: verbal and non-verbal ability

  • Information processing: phonological processing, working memory and processing speed.

This is then mapped on to an analysis of their reading, spelling, writing speed and written composition, to see whether dyslexia explains the difficulties they are experiencing.

​​Assessments typically take about 3 hours, but I usually add in a break in the middle, as that is too long to concentrate for in one session. ​

Your views as a parent and those of the young person are crucial to the diagnostic process. Usually, I would recommend an introductory phone call where we explore your concerns. At this point, I will send you a visual difficulties questionnaire, as it is important to rule out any other possible causes for their literacy difficulties. For this reason, this should be returned as soon as possible, so I can advise you whether any action should be taken before the assessment. You will also be sent a more detailed background information questionnaire and one for your child’s teachers. It would be helpful if these forms could be returned at least a week before the assessment so that I have as full a background picture as possible.

​On the day of the assessment, your child will need to bring their glasses, if worn, or any coloured overlay that they normally use.

I then produce a report detailing all the findings in language accessible to the non-expert with clear reasons given in support of the diagnostic conclusion. Recommendations for future support are an important part of the report. A few days after the assessment, I offer verbal feedback to explain my findings. The full diagnostic report is usually with you within two weeks of the assessment.

Price: £495

Early Dyslexia Screening

I do not recommend a full diagnostic assessment before the age of 8. However, reading and spelling difficulties can be apparent before that age and can be worrying, especially if there is a history of dyslexia in the family.


At Deborah Byrd Dyslexia, I offer an early screening service. This can indicate whether long-term reading difficulties may be present or whether your child might just need a little more input before they catch up.


After the assessment session, I write a report detailing my findings with recommendations for support, for use at school or with a tutor.

Price: £230

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