How do I get my child or myself diagnosed with dyslexia?

I offer two different types of assessments: a Full Diagnostic Assessment or an Early Dyslexia Screening, depending  age and  individual need. A full diagnostic assessment is the only way to obtain a diagnosis of dyslexia and is suitable from age 8 through to adulthood. Where there are concerns about younger children and especially if there is dyslexia present in the family, I offer an early screening test.

Full Diagnostic Assessment 

A dyslexia assessment investigates:

Underlying ability: verbal and non-verbal ability

Information processing: phonological processing, working memory. processing speed

Academic achievement: an analysis of reading, spelling, writing and handwriting

Assessments typically take about 3 hours but can be split into two sessions if needed, especially for younger children.

Your views as a parent and those of the young person are crucial to this process and any assessment would be preceded by a detailed questionnaire and discussion with you; you will also be sent a visual screening questionnaire. Any available information from the school is very useful and I would always recommend their involvement. For adults, there is a similar process with a background questionnaire and a discussion prior to an assessment. It would be helpful if these forms could be returned at least two days before the assessment so that I have as full a background picture as possible.

On the day of the assessment, you/ your child will need to bring along a pen, glasses if appropriate, or any coloured overlay if normally used.

I then produce a report detailing all the findings in language accessible to the non-expert with clear reasons given in support of the diagnostic conclusion. Recommendations for future support are an important part of the report.

Within one week, I will give verbal feedback.

Within three weeks, you will receive the full dyslexia report.

Price: £495

Early Dyslexia Screening

I do not normally recommend a full diagnostic assessment before the age of 8. However, reading and spelling difficulties can be apparent before that age and can be worrying especially if there is a history of dyslexia in the family.


At Kingston Dyslexia I offer an early screening service. This can indicate whether long term reading difficulties may be present or whether your child might just need a little more input before they catch up.


After the assessment session, I write a report detailing my findings with recommendations for support, for use at school or with a tutor.

Price: £230