Online tutoring available for ages 5-11

As a dyslexia specialist, I offer personalised tutoring to children experiencing difficulties in learning to read, tailored to their individual needs. I deliver a structured multi-sensory approach to building up the skills needed for fluent reading and confident spelling. I have many years experience of working with children who are struggling to master reading and spelling. 

Having worked in primary education for many years, I am passionate about the importance of early intervention to prevent children with dyslexia falling further behind their peers. Children have missed so much school experience in the last year and many parents are concerned about their child falling behind. If you are worried about your child's reading or spelling ability and you are not sure whether they might benefit from some extra help, then you can always give me a call for some advice. The vast majority of children will just catch up and schools will have this at the heart of what they are planning for the months ahead. For some children though, the lack of face-to- face teaching will have brought into focus, what may be a much more long-term difficulty, namely dyslexia. These children may well benefit from individual tutoring. 

Now that schools are reopening, I am resuming in-person lessons, though online tutoring remains an option. Many children with dyslexia find concentrating for long periods quite problematic. With this in mind, 50 minutes is often the ideal length of time, but longer or shorter lessons are an option.


£50 for a 50 minute lesson